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WRAP - White Ribbon Against Pornography Campaign
AMI's nationwide fight against pornography
By Bobbie Burbridge Lane, President, The Burbridge Foundation, Inc., Fight Against Pornography, AMI National Chair

In 2002 American Mothers began working with the Burbridge Foundation in the fight against pornography.

During Phase 1 Bobbie Burbridge Lane, President of the Burbridge Foundation and Chair of the AMI Fight Against Pornography, worked tirelessly to provide trainings all over the United States, taught by the top experts in the nation on fighting pornography. These trainings were for the leaders including: Legal and Law Enforcement; State and City Government; Media; Civic; Church, Family Organizations, etc.

Phase 2 focused on flooding communities with the white ribbon, the national symbol for the fight against pornography.

Phase 3 AMI is partnering with three organizations and other pro-family groups in the nationwide White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Campaign.

In the next several months (leading up to and including the 2007 WRAP Campaign mentioned below), until the presidential election in 2008, AND beyond, no matter whether it is Democratic or Republican in the White House (The Justice Department's agenda is to carry out the new President's agenda), we must keep the pressure on to get federal obscenity laws enforced. Even with a current President opposed to obscenity (illegal "adult" pornography), we have had relatively few prosecutions targeting commercial distributors of obscenity from the Justice Department.

We MUST be determined to get the attention of the American people, to "shout" at the top of our lungs FROM NOW UNTIL the 2008 election and beyond, to let our leaders, who will stay in office, and our new leaders to come, know that they must listen to us, about the devastation "adult" pornography is having on our children, families, and communities! Now is THE TIME, before the election, to put pressure on our leaders to "DO WHAT WE ASK" (as their constituents).

To fight pornography effectively we must have "ENFORCEMENT of LAWS". Obviously, this means that when needed, our federal and state legislators must enact laws that are constitutional and tough! Federal and State law enforcement agents and prosecutors must then be willing to enforce these laws VIGOROUSLY. Zoning and other laws must be enacted locally by our elected city and county councils and enforced by our city and county attorneys.

American Mothers, Inc.®, The Burbridge Foundation, Inc., and Morality in Media HAVE ALREADY begun a full 18 months of action, before the 2008 elections, KICKING IT OFF at the AMI Convention last April, 2007. From October 28 through November 4, 2007, the three organizations and other pro-family groups will also participate in the nationwide White Ribbons Against Pornography (WRAP) campaign. We will then join together for a full 12 months before elections.

Our GOAL is to have a "sea" of white ribbons against pornography across the U.S. telling our city, state and national leaders "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!"

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Bobbie Burbridge Lane,
President, The Burbridge Foundation, Inc.
Telephone 405/946-3698
Fax 405/946-3696
3701 N.W. 42, Oklahoma City, OK 73112


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